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Laser Hair Removal

Among new technologies, Laser Hair Removal is today the fastest, most effective and less painful solution for preventing softly and permanently all the problems created by the rejected hair


Laser Varicose Removal

A smart programing system and the most advanced technologies are combined together to eliminate the Varicose, Instead of tying and removing the abnormal veins, the heat kills the walls of the veins and the body then naturally absorbs the dead tissue and the abnormal veins are destroyed. It can be carried out in a simple treatment room rather than an operating theatre.


Slimming (LPG)

LPG is the worldwide leader for slimming and anti-aging

Throughout its circular roller system, LPG is the first machine known for its capacity to reshape the body from cellulite in a very effective way without any risk.



Our Botox type injectables can improve your appearance, not only imparting a more youthful look, but also alleviating an overly concerned look, helping you look better, refreshed or even more pleasant.



Make-up is hugely versatile, not only in terms of colours and products, but also in terms of how it is worn and because we care about your look, we offer you our makeup experts to make you shine among all.


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